Acer Blue AOD250

Having recently reviewed some of the surprisingly powerful colored laptops as well as netbooks on the market, it appears that Acer along with select other manufacturers have designed several models which tend to share several similar features.

Acer Blue Notebooks

Lately we are seeing an increased mix of blue laptops popping up on the market with an even wider mix of operating systems including Windows 7 on netbooks.

An abundant number of new features have been added to this operating system with regards to power consumption. Today this continues to be a real focus for all of the major laptop manufacturers as going green is promoted as being in vogue. This is in part where laptop owners are able to reduce the energy consumption of the laptop.

The blue Acer AOD250 we reviewed recently provides several benefits such as ultra portability for those needing to travel as light as possible while still being able to reliably surf the web, stream videos, create and edit documents and do email. Performance wise this netbook is designed around the prolific Intel Atom N270 processor which does take advantage of the more advanced performance, as well as efficiency capabilities when working in conjunction with the newer features built into the operating system. This is very common these days among netbooks and notebooks. This will be another interesting point to watch exactly how Windows 7 remains placed among long term performance and efficiency in laptop computers.

While dimensions among netbook computers are varied, the standard screen size for the Acer AOD250-1580 for example is 10.1″. The display screen is designed around the CrystalBrite technology and offers a very bright backlit LED with a 1024×600 resolution. Standard video displays well and is perfect for viewing websites and other Internet uses.

The integrated Crystal Eye webcam has support for the Acer PrimaLite technology which uses a special sensor that provides superior video performance within the netbook class. Though this model is considered a netbook, its ability to function exceptionally well in low light conditions makes it stand out from the inexpensive laptop crowd. Most subcompact notebook manufacturers today have comparable technologies as the colorful laptop computer market is quite competitive.

The multi-in-1 memory card reader offers compatibility with various sizes of MultiMediaCard technology, xD Picture Card, Secure Digital, Memory Stick as well as Memory Stick PRO. Versatility in notebook computers these days is fairly consistent across the board when it comes to storage options.

Other multimedia features include the standards you will find on nearly any laptop these days including headphone jack, microphone jack, WiFi wireless capability, VGA output, stereo speakers etc. Impressively the blue colored Acer AOD250 netbook we reviewed achieved roughly a seven and a half hour charge life and we will likely see this become much more common in the marketplace in the future.