Blue Laptop Computers

The interest in blue laptop computers among consumers is effectively diverse enough to keep manufacturers actively producing choices from blue mini laptops to blue gaming laptops and everything in between.

The range of laptop classifications today includes everything from mini laptops to powerful desktop replacement systems. The mini laptops are also referred to as netbook computers and are part of the subnotebook classification. Blue laptops are produced by companies such as Acer, HP, Dell, Alienware, Gateway, Asus and others. Our blue laptop reviews cover blue laptops from the past to the current models.

Some of the higher end blue colored laptop computers offer multimedia features such as Dolby Home Theater with built-in subwoofer audio configurations right out of the box. Now if you take your movie watching seriously, when you combine the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics adapter with this you get a formidable and impressive visual, as well as audio experience all with the ultra portability which a laptop computer offers.

The 9600M GT graphics adapter features up to 512MG of absolutely dedicated video memory providing stunning images and video detail. Dedicated memory means that the use of part of the system memory is not necessary, and that speeds everything up. It is quite noticeable during heavy multitasking or multimedia intensive applications.

Blue Laptops

The HDMI interface found on several blue laptops today is the key to High Def enjoyment. We often use a huge plasma TV to test out the quality of the HDMI performance on the laptops we review. Basically you can go HDMI out of the laptop to any appropriate device, and start enjoying the quality immediately. This holds true on a standard 17 inch WXGA+ laptop screen, a 60 inch plasma TV, or anything in between. Some impressive laptops include formidable 18.4″ High-definition widescreen models. HP for example has designed one of these with HP Ultra BrightView technology running a 1920 x 1080 native resolution now which we have not yet reviewed but hope to soon along with some other highly impressive blue laptop designs. The size of the laptop generally is an indication of the power it has to offer, but increased size also means increased weight, and this can make a difference for those who do a lot of traveling. Otherwise if the laptop is used in a stationary location the increased screen size is quite impressive.

Other blue laptops are designed specifically as gaming laptops. One of the more recognizable designs over the course of the last few years has been the Alienware laptops. Alienware is also quite well known for their unconventional computer tower designs as well. The power of the gaming laptops is often derived from advanced components as well as configurations such as RAID. The ability to utilize advanced technology such as multiple hard drives, and multiple video cards with technologies such as SLI is essential to the performance of gaming laptops.

With gaming laptop designs utilizing powerful components, the laptops are going to occasionally produce additional heat. To help prevent overheating of your laptop computer you should always make it a point to keep an eye out for any unwanted dust or debris build-up in the laptops air vents. The laptop uses one or more internal fans which are designed to generate airflow which is pushed through these air vents. This airflow is what helps to prevent overheating.

This type of design works well because quite often if the computer is not being used heavily or it is basically idle then it is not generating a significant amount of heat. For example when the laptop is in a standby mode or if the screen saver is visible and there are no processes actively consuming a lot of CPU power.

When the fan is not in a running state it is conserving energy, and battery power as well. Modern operating systems have excellent capabilities to carefully monitor the internal temperatures and keep the power usage at the best performance levels. Ultimately the computer turns the fans on when laptop computers begin to get hot, and a small amount of fan noise is quite normal and does not necessarily indicate a problem and simply indicates that the system is functioning as it was designed.

A healthy laptop fan will simply sound like you would expect a small electronic fan to sound like while it is pushing air out of the computer. If the fan were to start making unusual clicking sounds, then you should check for debris blocking the air vents as soon as possible. If the vents are clear and the noise persists, you may want to consider having the laptop looked at by a competent laptop computer technician. Take care of your laptop and it won’t give you a case of the blues. As long as the laptop is able to push the hot air out it should last you a good number of years.