Colorful New Acer TimelineX Cobalt Blue Laptop

The new Acer Aspire TimelineX laptop comes in three sizes which include the compact 11.6 inch model, the mid-size 13.3 inch model and the 14.0 inch version. These are handy sizes since they offer the lighter weight advantages of a smaller laptop (not quite as small as a netbook though), weighing in at just under 5 pounds, and still maintain powerful new features inside their cases. These colored laptops come in gorgeous Cobalt Blue or Black brushed aluminum colors.

Acer TimelineX Cobalt Blue Laptop

The Intel Core i5 processor provides users with a very responsive experience on-demand while helping to conserve the battery charge life in the laptop. Technology like Turbo Boost is there when your laptop needs it, so gaming and videos are an appropriate part of what these colorful laptops are designed to work with, plus they are ready right from the go to deliver home theater grade audio performances.

The 16:9 High Def viewing area on the 13.3 inch widescreen display is on-par with previous Aspire models designed with multimedia functionality in mind. Typically the audio from laptops has lacked in very much high quality though while in reality the same can be said for desktops computers as well if you are simply talking about the stock hardware configuration. So what do people do? Upgrade the sound card to the quality that they want; easy solution right? The Acer Aspire TimelineX comes with this as a main focus on the model and includes a Dolby Home Theater 4 sound system pre-configured and ready to go straight out of the box. This provides the opportunity to get awesome sound directly from the laptop speakers or to your headphones. And, if you want, you can easily hook the system up to any other external audio system (like your setup at home for instance), and kick back to enjoy real home theater sounds.

Currently many new colored laptops are coming fully equipped with 802.11b/g/n WiFi for wireless connections and a gigabit Ethernet for wired connections. This covers the range of the newest, fastest technologies as well remaining backward compatible with the other most popular technologies for connectivity today. As for storage space on new laptops, things have really taken a jump upwards this year. The Acer TimelineX comes with a staggering 640 gigabyte SATA hard drive which is more than enough storage space to keep anyone busy, at least for a while. Windows 7 Home Premium seems to be the operating system of choice for these colorful new laptops these days.

Speaking of the color of the Acer laptops, this model within the ever popular Aspire line comes in a cool and refreshing Cobalt Blue color. There is just something about the blue laptops which have always managed to produce a calming sense when you look at them. This model has a blue colored laptop aluminum case and the palm-rest area is the same blue color as well. Also comes in a brushed aluminum black color as well.

Wrapping up the really new tech stuff on these new laptops is their included USB 3.0 port which allows for a huge increase in data transfer speeds over USB 2.0. This newer technology allows for some other pretty nifty advantages over the older version as well as speed. Like its ability to charge external USB devices under a variety of power settings. The Acer TimelineX is a great looking colored laptop with loads of powerful features showcasing some of the newest goodies in laptop technology today.