Dell Inspiron 1545 Pink Laptop

This colorful Dell Inspiron 15-1545 pink laptop is one of several mid-level laptops on the market today which pack an impressive amount of power, capability, reliability and multimedia features into one unit.

Inspiron 1545 Pink Laptop

The 15.6” screen works well for most laptop computer uses invoking video. When you watch movies on your laptop, you are typically sitting fairly close to the screen. One attribute of this is that while this screen is certainly larger than some of the smaller laptops on the market, it is smaller than the next 17” laptop up in this class.

Of course the cost goes up as well for the extra size. The widescreen HD display at 16:9 aspect ratio allows for maximum usage of the display screen area on this colorful pink laptop, and many users find that the design of the widescreen on laptops makes the screen perfect for being able to actually see more of the picture. With a large 320GB hard drive there is plenty of room to store big files such as videos and movies on the laptop too.

The maxed out 4GB of DDR2 RAM is impressive and allows for the user to make the most of multitasking, and running resource intensive applicators while remaining quite responsive. When a laptop computer with plenty of decent hardware is well taken care of, the results are typically very pleasing performance wise. Add the Dual Core Intel Pentium 2.2GHz processor into the mix and this becomes a formidable mid-level pink laptop computer ready to handle not only the day to day computing tasks, but more advanced duties as well.

Additional features of this model include a 1.3 mega pixel webcam, digital array microphone and 7-in-1 media card reader which can really come in handy for quick file transfers or extra storage needs. Also, an optional Bluetooth configuration great for connecting your wireless keyboard, mouse, phone or camera. The Dell 1545 utilizes wireless N, as many newer laptops are these days, and uses integrated a Hyperband antennae which further enhances the speed of the wireless connection when you are sending and receiving signals from the laptop.

Among the included software and utilities is Dell video chat which, although many applications perform these same functions, is fairly easy to use when you want to make laptop to laptop phone calls (desktops as well), and can support up to a four way connection.

Like several pink laptops today, the top cover is a very pleasing pink color, while the rest of the computer is basically a shiny black color. Also like most laptops, fingerprints and smudges will show. It is best to clean your laptop with a soft cloth every now and then though, and also keep the vents free from dust so that they can push the hot air out of the laptop.