Dell Latitude E4310 Blue Laptop Computer

The lightweight design of the colorful Dell Latitude E4310 laptop provides you with an array of powerful features to select from while still remaining quite small at just 13.3 inches. The model comes in a choice of colors including blue, red or silver and keep in mind that it is larger than the netbook computers.

Latitude E4310 Blue Laptop

Due to the larger size this laptop offers a built in 8X DVD+/-RW which are not an option on the netbooks due to size constraints. This is one aspect of this laptop size which makes it a nice combination of having an internal optical drive and staying within extremely portable dimensions.

The Latitude E4310 offers several advanced features over the previous E4300 model. The processor as well as the display screen are the most notable differences you will find. On the more technical side however is the more advanced QS57 chipset which provides a higher degree of input and output (I/O) video capabilities with more modern interface support. The screen is a bit wider with a 16:9 display compared to the E4300 as well.

The Latitude laptops are designed for the business use. The Latitude E4310 comes in an attractive yet sophisticated Regatta Blue color for an additional cost of $60 currently. The stock or standard color for this model is a Slate Silver. You can also choose a Regal Red color at an additional cost of $60 as well. Each of these colors are low key enough to fit well in most business environments without being too dramatic, yet silver is probably going to be the most conservative of the three color choices.

The system can be configured with one of three processors. The stock version is with the Intel Core i5-560M which runs at 2.66GHz and has a 3M cache with Turbo Boost Technology. The second choice is to have the laptop configured with the i5-580M which also runs at 2.66GHz, has a 3M cache and utilizes Turbo Boost Technology (additional $50). The third option is to go with the i7-620M which has a 4M cache. This will cost an extra $120 so consider this regarding the performance you will need for your specific situation. When every bit of speed counts then this may be worth it, however these days you should definitely increase the amount of RAM if it is less then 3GB.

This laptop can be configured with as little as 1GB of system memory (RAM) but this is not recommended. If the laptop is going to use Windows 7 32 bit then 3GB of system memory is recommended. If you install 4GB the operating system will actually not recognize all 4 gigs. However if you are going to use the Windows 7 64 bit operating system then your laptop should have at least four gigs installed. The Latitude E4310 can accommodate up to 8GB of DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM.

While the list of additional features is highly customizable, the fact is that this colorful 13.3 inch blue laptop computer (silver or red options as well) is not only highly portable, thin and lightweight, it is also a very powerful laptop for this size. This makes it a great choice for today’s demanding applications and portable computing uses.