Green and Brown Design on LifeBook

There are a lot of cool customized laptops out there and here is a quick look at a green colored Fujitsu LifeBook laptop model number A1120. The design incorporates an earthy green color and brown whimsical design on the top of the laptop cover. This one has the look of the laptop pretty unique compared to others which you see. This model is an A1120 notebook which has Windows 7 Ultimate Edition installed on a nice big 500GB hard drive. This model has 4GB of RAM and an Intel 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor which is quick and responsive when used for multitasking and multimedia applications.

Green and Brown Fujitsu Lifebook

Besides looking really cool this laptop has the standard features which you will commonly find on other models in the 15.6 inch size range and this model’s and price range. These include a built-in webcam for staying in touch online and making videos as well as a DVD burner for getting your data onto disc.

The connectivity capabilities are pretty standard too and include Ethernet as well as WiFi. Like most laptops made within the last several years there are a decent variety of external card compatibility features and this laptop covers the bases well with a built-in multi-card reader. The Fujitsu LifeBook line has had newer models released after this unit, yet not all of them have such interesting colors or designs like the ones on this green colored computer.

The specs on the newer examples have faster processors including the Core i3 and above, faster caching and bigger hard drives too. The stock specs today also include things like integrated Bluetooth and the ability to handle 8GB of RAM instead of just 4GB. However the A1120 is still a solid, responsive colored laptop computer which can still hold its own in cool looks as well as feature and functionality among most mid-range laptops today.