HP Notebooks TouchSmart TX2

The HP TouchSmart TX2-1020ca notebook PC is not only sleek, stylish and powerful, it offers the benefits of being a tablet PC laptop as well.

HP Notebooks TouchSmart Top Design

Touted as being the world’s first multi-touch consumer notebook, you will quickly discover that this encompasses many more features than you might initially expect.

This is actually magnified by the fact that the overall dimensions of the HP TouchSmart are 12.05″(W) x 8.82″(D) x 1.23″ (min H) / 1.52″ (max H) and weighing just over 4.5 lbs providing for an ultra sleek, and ultra portable design perfect for mobile computing requirements. Notebooks such as the HP TouchSmart TX2 today offer increasingly powerful benefits to mobile computer users.

This HP notebook case design is an interesting mix of futuristic and fashion.

The high gloss dark, rich gray color is embellished with subtle, yet intriguing imprinted forms which apparently were designed through the inspiration of audio equipment and the circular elements which they produce.

According to HP the colorful high gloss imprint finish is more durable than the more traditional painted surfaces.

We found that the multi-touch feature was relatively intuitive, (probably for those who have not used touchscreens before as well) and so it was really easy to get the hang of it while discovering what all it could do. For example there is the option to single tap or double tap while maneuvering within the laptop. This is accomplished by simply touching the objects on the screen once or twice in order to select them or open them. This is in the style of a more traditional tablet PC, but you do not need a stylus, you just simply use your fingers.

HP Notebooks TouchSmart Top Design

Additionally there is a flick feature which lets you scroll and pan inside of a given application. Essentially the HP notebook enables its users to completely and effectively navigate within the HP applications with just two fingers.

Though we found these features to be very intuitive, there are quite a lot of tricks to learn to actually take advantage of all that this HP notebook has to offer, including additional capabilities such as press and drag, arc, pinch and rotate.

Under the hood of the HP notebook is a 2.20 GHz AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-82 Dual-Core Mobile processor with a full 2MB L2 cache. This in combination with 4GB of DDR2 system memory makes it a formidable, powerful laptop among many similar laptops within the small notebook computer classification today.

The system we reviewed had a fully loaded installation of Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition running on a 320GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive.

An ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card with nearly 2GB of usable graphics memory, thanks to the AMD M780G 64MB GDDR2 sideport.

The HP TouchSmart TX2 notebook offers an artsy fashion statement, not so much through the color of this laptop, but in its creative imprinted forms which are subtle and conservative, yet add a classy touch to the laptop.

There is nothing at all subtle about the highly impressive amount of power this notebook offers though. Standard fare has become the inclusion of up to 4GB of RAM in many of today’s notebooks. The advanced multi-touch features will most likely show up on many more notebooks in the future, and HP has certainly shown us how beneficial these advanced features can be in mobile computing.