HP Pink Chic Mini Laptop

The HP Mini 110-1129 Pink Chic netbook is one of the colorful all pink laptop computers on the market today which combine colorful designs with impressive computing power.

We recently took a closer look at the HP Pink Chic netbook computer which incorporates a floral imprint into the design giving more style than just another pink laptop.

The idea is reportedly that these special additions will appeal to people who not only like pink laptops, but who like a bit more of an artistic look as well.

The HP mini laptops which we have reviewed in the past have always provided quick boot times, and the straight off the shelf Pink Chic follows suit. Once into the operating system, which happens to thankfully be Windows XP, we attempted to find out how hard we could push this netbook in an everyday multitasking environment. The netbooks, or mini laptops, are a different beast when compared to full sized laptops, yet with models advancing quite rapidly in the marketplace they have grown noticeably beyond their first inceptions of a couple of years back. This applies across the board for all manufacturers of netbook computers today.

HP Pink Chic Mini Laptop

The HP Mini 110-1129 Pink Chic is designed around the standard Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor which is in numerous mini laptop models these days, and for good reason as it really does work extremely well when managing power consumption in these small laptops. After all when you use a portable computer, and you know you will be away from the power outlet for extended lengths of time, this becomes pretty important for most users. The processor has the typical 512MB cache which provides adequate responsiveness during most everyday multitasking operations. The laptop which we reviewed had 1GB of RAM installed, and as we said it thankfully had Windows XP installed meaning that the computer was quick and responsive.

Ultimately this netbook seemed to function just as any of the other makes and models in the netbook category with relatively the same specs. The pink HP Mini 110 does hold its own in this rather tight market category, yet many of the specifications from various laptop manufacturers are extremely similar. Sure there are much higher end HP laptops, and netbook computers available, but the Pink Chic offers a classy pink floral design along with the reliable multitasking capabilities.

The performance of the laptop was adequate during video file testing of the Intel 950 Media Accelerator 950 which this system uses. As a matter of fact, with XP the operations were far better than any of the Vista netbook testing we have done using similar configurations, while this should be no surprise to anyone. We often find ourselves diagnosing slow playback issues as being caused by a lack of an appropriate amount of system memory in laptops running Vista. At least 1GB is necessary simply to achieve decent usability in our opinion, more than this is recommended though especially for video applications.