MSI Wind Pink Netbook

Designed around the powerful AMD 1.6GHz Athlon Neo Processor, the MSI Wind pink netbook computer is built to deliver responsive results when used for multiple computing tasks. The netbook computers do extremely well with the everyday computing tasks, as they are designed to be used when portability is the primary requirement.

MSI Wind Pink Netbook

In comparison to other colored laptops in the subcompact notebook classification, which has some intense competition right now, we have found the MSI Wind does quite well in comparative benchmarking analysis. Basically, most users are going to enjoy typical computing activities such as watching videos, playing games, using email and surfing the web.

However the 12.1 inch laptops are quite competitive among the various laptop manufacturers, and overall very similar in both features as well as engineering. While many netbook computers today are designed around the Intel processors, the AMD Athlon in the MSI Wind does provide exceptional responsiveness whether during gaming or much simpler computing tasks. As is more common these days on laptop computers, yet not so much on netbooks, the MSI Wind offers an HDMI interface by which you can easily connect to a larger TV or LCD screen to get the full size benefits and advantages in picture quality.

There are also several colors to choose from including white, gray, black, blue, red, silver as well as pink. The 12.1″ screen which provides an aspect ratio of 16:9 is WXGA with a 1366×768 resolution. The system we reviewed had 1GB of memory along with Windows 7 installed on the 160GB SATA hard drive which is very common among netbook computers these days as well. Along with a standard Fast Ethernet port, the MSI Wind also offers built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for super fast wireless networking connections.

During normal usage the charge life span is approximately four hours which is pretty standard without getting into more advanced and more expensive solutions. This did include our testing sequences we performed as well which may mean slightly more or less depending on what tasks the laptop is performing. Overall the MSI Wind pink netbook offers performance, and benefits which are on the high side of the standards among the competition within this class of netbook computers.