OLPC Laptop Computers

The OLPC or One Laptop per Child program was created as a means to provide children who reside in developing countries the opportunity to utilize laptop computer technology and the benefits which these devices can bring.

OLPC Green Laptop

The laptops were first released in substantial production numbers in 2007 and included the first OLPC XO laptop models. The laptops are rugged and designed to take the heavy usage one would expect to endure in educational facilities, and they utilize a highly unique white and green laptop color design as well.

While the specifics of the OLPC laptop program have changed over the last few years, the program still exists for those who wish to donate a laptop, or several laptops to the cause. The XO was developed into the XO-1 and newer generations are in the works including the XO-3 tablet edition. Additionally the laptops are continually being improved in their electronics, power efficiency and software capabilities.

The processors are x86 compatible with clock speeds of 433MHz. Also, the laptop design incorporates integrated graphics and flash ROM technology in an effort to maintain a low price point. The LCD is a 7.5” Dual-mode TFT display with a resolution of 1200×900 and a design focused on low power consumption.

The overall capabilities, aside from typical computing tasks, include the ability to utilize video, audio and game playing. The versatility of the XO laptop is compatible with many technology standards as far as connectivity options for external devices including USB 2.0 and MMC/SD Card slot.

The OLPC One Laptop per Child movement provides opportunities for the recipients of these colorful laptops as well as the donation providers to help advance the educational horizon for children around the world today. There are various means for interested parties to contribute to the cause as well.