Pink Sony VAIO VPCM13M1E Netbook

Many of the netbooks which we review are small and cute and this has a strong appeal to people looking for basic computing capability in super small packages. Like most of these small laptops with different colors the Sony VAIO VPCM13M1E has a 10.1″ diagonal LED backlit screen. The aspect ratio is 16:10 and the resolution is 1024×600 pixels. If you like to hook your netbook up to an external monitor, the maximum resolution for that is 1400×1050. Powering the video is the Intel 3150 media accelerator.

This little netbook computer will only take up to 1GB of PC2 5300 operating at 667MHz so this is a limitation in our opinion. This is minimal compared to some other netbooks which can handle more internal memory yet running Windows Starter Edition is still decent on the system resources. We found however that even a bit of multitasking can slow things down notably, most likely because of using only 1 gig of RAM. Be prepared to minimize the amount of apps you have running to help and free up system resources.

As with other netbooks, there is no optical drive however the VPCM13M1E we reviewed came with a decent sized 250GB SATA hard drive. This is not too bad even for the latest models today.

The keyboard is easy to use which can be a concern with small netbooks. The design is solid and intuitive if you are used to a larger standard laptop computer.

Basically this can be a good choice for a used laptop if you need one at a low price these days. This model is not really suitable for more then basic Internet, email and office productivity applications though.

The design and configuration are not intended to be good multimedia netbooks, and like we mentioned the lack of ability to upgrade beyond 1GB of RAM pretty much limits this netbook anyway, especially with running Windows 7 (even the Starter Edition). Every time we have upgraded other netbooks to 2GB the difference in performance has been quite notable.

There are three USB ports which is nice, typical for netbooks. We found that the battery charge life under normal usage was a bit short compared to other netbooks we have reviewed. You may only get a few hours out of it but there are other models which also seem to have this type of limitation so bear that in mind as well. The netbook is quick to recharge however. The performance of these colorful laptop computers, other than that, is solid under basic usage.

Pink Sony VAIO VPCM13M1E Netbook

There is plenty of Sony software installed on the machine to assist you in a variety of aspects. These include VAIO Care, Media Plus (VAIO) and transfer support as well as updates. This is done automatically when you have an active Internet connection so be prepared to allow access through your firewall if need be.

Overall these are cute, basic, comfortably designed pink netbooks which provide solid reliability for day-to-day computing and Internet use while on the go. While they are not new anymore this model can be a good affordable second hand option which is great for simple, on-the-go tasks using WiFi connections. They are well constructed, offer a lot of features and have several handy Sony software utilities already installed.