Purple Dell Studio 14z

Purple Dell Laptop

The purple Dell Studio 14z is a new offering from the Dell Studio line and we take a closer look at just what this colored laptop has to offer including several notable features.

The first thing that strikes you is how thin and lightweight the laptop is. It has a 14 inch display so it is not truly in the mini laptop category, but this one is still ultra portable. Granted, as we point out later there are some trade offs for the sheer, thin and lightweight design, but there is also a powerful processor under the hood adding to the powerful application versatility.

Features to note are the ability to charge your cell phone and other mobile devices by using the laptops USB and eSATA combo port. This is cool as it can help out in situations where you may not have access to another charger, or if you need your mobile device right there with you and also need to keep it charged at the same time.

The Studio 14z can take a whopping 5GB of shared Dual Channel DDR3 at a speed of 1066MHz, and this is a series amount of system memory here. So in combination with the Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor, this has the potential to be a really fast laptop ready for some heavy duty multitasking as well as tipping the hat to some advanced gaming and applications as well.

The P8600 in the Studio 14z has a standard 2.4GHz clock speed with a nice 3MB cache. Not only is this right on the edge, but it is capable of out performing many laptops which are much bigger than this one is. Basically Dell has taken some of the more recent advancements in laptop technology and packed them into a very compact 14 inch laptop. This is a good model if you are looking for a highly portable yet powerful colored laptop computer.

Some of the additional features found on the purple Dell Studio 14z laptop include:

  • Dell Wireless 1515 Wireless-N Mini-card
  • High Definition+ 900p Bright LED Display
  • Camera with Facial Recognition Software
  • Built-in Bluetooth

This really is not a mini laptop (netbook) but due to the thin, lightweight design there is still not room for an internal optical drive. This is a common trait among the ultra portable minis which most people do not seem to mind. After all with the size of USB keys and mini drives, there are rather few occasions in which an optical drive is absolutely necessary these days as they are often used for sheer storage. External USB drives like the 4X eSATA DVD-RW/BD-ROM combos are easy enough to carry along in a bag or other case, and they often coming with their own little carrying case.

The Dell Studio 14z offers up to a 500GB SATA Hard Drive running at 7200 RPM, plus it uses the Free Fall Sensor technology which tends to have the slight potential of saving your data in unexpected events which can occur with portable computers. Installed on the hard drive is Windows Vista Home Premium Edition at the time of this review. Windows 7 upgrades are available when the product is released.

The audio is actually noticeably more impressive than what we expected with the software enabled Soundblaster X-Fi Hi Def Audio setup. The laptop manufacturers have been offering some much improved audio options on some of their models recently, and this setup is not too bad. This is definitely one of the final frontiers for laptops as far as the most basic ingredients of multimedia goes, and there is still some room to grow, but this audio setup is impressive none the less. Additionally this laptop model comes in several color choices including Spring Green, Midnight Blue, Red or Black and the laptop we reviewed is a cool Plum Purple. This is the color of the top cover as is typical when you open up the laptop the plastics around the keyboard and screen are a silver color.