Rather Unique Color on This Laptop

There are several different versions of the Acer Aspire One and most of them come in fun colors. The AOD270 shown here is an Aquamarine Blue colored laptop which also has some of the newer capabilities we have been seeing on all of the netbooks recently.

Aquamarine Blue Colored Laptop

This color is rather like a very deep blue, sort of like the name of the color implies and looks great on a laptop. It is pretty unique from what we have seen among the newer netbooks lately. And like I mentioned, there are some other cool specs to point out within this version.

Take the HDMI connection for instance, this was not always found on a netbook. This is useful if you want to hook-up to your TV for instance, so expect a great quality viewing experience when you do. Also the hard drive on the unit we reviewed was 320GB which makes life so much simpler than one of the old 160GB models of which there are still some out there. That was always a bit of a hassle in my opinion if you like to add lots of big files onto your computer. Really this is one point that is important and it can get old trying to organize everything onto an external drive or burning the data (through an external drive) to DVD.

Some of the features which you would absolutely expect to find on a netbook are indeed found on this particular Aspire One. The USB ports and SD card readers are there. The WiFi capability is there of course. Yet this one is the Ultra Thin models which are nice as it really does have a sturdily built feel to it. This is important because some of the colorful netbook computers, usually the super small ones, can feel a little flimsy which I personally do not care for. Those with the 7 inch screens for example. This model however has the 10.1 inch screen like the Aspire One models of previous releases. If you are familiar with netbooks then this is the typical size most of them have been since they initially were released.

This one is still using the Starter Edition of Windows 7 yet we will be reviewing some colored laptops with the Windows 8 versions soon. I will mention that the battery life of the 6-cell is rated at up to 8 hours. This is good, better than the 3-cell so keep that in mind if you are looking at the cost differences. At this time we have seen this laptop under $300 online yet there are obviously several sales going on at this time of the year.

If you are interested in this colorful laptop then you will find that it is just what you would expect. They are lightweight, less than 3 pounds and have a bit more then what you find on just any netbook out there right now.