Red Acer AS5742 7620 with Core i3

This laptop is larger than the Acer netbooks so it is able to offer more features and power as well. The diagonal dimensions of the HD LCD screen are 15.6 which put it in the same size class as many other powerful, yet budget focused laptops today.

Red Acer AS5742-7620

The AS5742-7620 in the Acer Aspire line comes with the 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM (DDR3). What you will not find in the Acer netbooks though is an 8x double layer SuperMulti DVD player/burner. It is the multimedia aspect of laptops in this class today that keep them in demand among users who want all the features that they are used to. Since the netbooks actually do not have space in their design for an optical drive of any type, they are somewhat limited in comparison to these larger models.

Even though this computer has the capability to burn dual layer DVDs it still comes with a 320GB hard drive so when you fill all that hard drive space up you cans simply burn the data to a DVD disc and free up the space once again. These are good models for general use and this laptop comes in a nice red color on the outer case as well as the inner palm rest area. Not all colored laptops are designed this way as many of them have the color only on the outer case and a plain black or grey on the inner area.

Connectivity capabilities include WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11b/g/n compatibility. With the 4GB of memory this model is able to take advantage of all the RAM when running Windows 7 64 bit edition. The 5742-7620 comes standard with the Home Premium version. In conjunction with the i3 processor is the 128MB of dedicated HD graphics which helps this computer multitask and display videos without getting bogged down. This design is a great combination with the 4GB of RAM making it an affordable choice as a powerful and colorful computer with plenty of screen viewing area.