Sony EH1 Pink Laptop Computers offer Colorful Textures

Sony has introduced various colorful pink laptops in the past which looked great. The dilemma that most laptop computers face though is the inevitable smudging that is left through simple use but this is not really a concern with these laptops due to their interesting surfaces.

You are probably familiar with this, though we tend to not pay too much attention to it. This happens as you use your laptop, carry it around with you and inevitably there are smears and smudges left behind by your fingerprints. Although we do not usually tend to pay all that much attention to this reality, the fact is that if you ever do look closely at the plastic cases which hold the actual computer, then you will likely find them. The Sony VAIO EH1 Series of colorful laptops have a great solution to this with their smudge preventing textured surfaces.

The dimples designed into the lid as well as the palmrest form an impressive looking pattern and the great thing about it is that it does not show those streaks and smudges even when the laptop is heavily used. Other laptop manufacturers like HP for instance are making similar designs which include colored laptops with textured surfaces that reduce or prevent signs of use such as these. These surfaces are comfortable, and other than a textured feel to the laptop there not really that different.

Sony EH1 Pink Laptop

The Sony VAIO EH1 does however come in several different colors including blue, black, pink and white. While some laptop colors tend to show smudges more than others, like dark colors with a shine for instance, that is not the case with the textured designs.

The EH1 Series includes the VPC-EH11FX which is a 15.5 inch laptop that uses a 1.3GHz Pentium processor which is adequate for all the basic computing tasks most common today. As is the case with many new laptops these days this model comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM which can all be accessed since it also has the Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system installed. You should always make sure that your most important apps will work on the 64-bit version first, and if not then you will need to run them in a compatibility mode.

That is a lot of memory so more resource intensive applications have a lot to work with on this laptop. Aside from the 4 gigabytes of RAM the laptop also comes with a whopping 500GB SATA hard drive which should be enough for most users even if you store a lot of video files on your laptop. Even if you don’t really need all the space yet it is good to know that its there if you ever do.

Software benefits already pre-installed on the laptop include the remote keyboard feature which allows you some additional freedom to move around or get more comfortable when you are using your laptop. Also there are the standard WiFi capabilities typical on mid-level laptops, and this model offers Bluetooth to round out the wireless connectivity options of the laptop.

So Sony has delivered yet another cool pink laptop, with other colors to choose from, and they all have a great geometrically patterned textured surface to reduce fingerprints on the outside of the laptop. Integrated Bluetooth for your devices and a nice screen size make the Sony EH1 Series of colored laptops all around great portable computers for work and play.