Sony VAIO CA2 Green Laptop Computers

The newest laptops today are becoming increasingly more powerful and capable of more multitasking capabilities. This is primarily due to increases in smart technologies like CPUs and RAM. The Sony VAIO CA2 Series are colorful examples of these current laptop design trends. Here we focus on the green laptop color version of this model.

Sony VAIO CA2 Green Laptop

Fitting this advanced power into even smaller packages like 14 and 15 inch laptop models is becoming more common as well. The 14 inch Sony VAIO CA2 laptops are designed with the Intel Core i3 processor. This is a dual core CPU and it is specifically aimed at a vast number of multitasking tasks on the computer.

This when combined with the 4GB of RAM (system memory) means that the computer is a lightweight, high performance machine. Specifically, the laptop weighs just under 5.5 pounds with the battery installed. Compare this to some of the really heavy mobile computers out there and you should be able to picture just how important this is when you need to take the laptop out and about. This model also happens to come in blue, black, white and as noted a very appealing green color for a laptop computer.

Among the powerful multimedia capabilities of this laptop is the built-in wireless display feature. This makes it really quick and easy to connect to an HDTV with up to 1080p. This does however require a separate adapter in order to use this feature. Also, if you want to connect to a PS3 console you can remotely control it with the laptop keyboard. Benefits such as these that have to do with gaming systems ad a new realm of convenience which can be fun to work with.

Connecting to your wireless networks and to the web over WiFi is an easy process to setup like you would expect any laptop today to be. Not only does the Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/G which we review here have the expected wireless features, it also has built-in Bluetooth as well making it easy to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones and compatible tablet PCs as well. The battery charge under normal, yet consistent usage can hold for around seven hours. Increasing the activity, like on any laptop, will lessen this. Still this is better than average and if the tasks were more minimal the battery is rated at up to nine hours according to the documentation.

Like many of the new laptops in 2012 this attractive green colored laptop comes with Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. Ours came with a 640GB SATA HDD. The model also comes (standard) with a limited version of MS Excel and MS Word installed. Needless to say this model operated terrific while doing business related tasks and having other things going on at the same time. This is the benefit of having a laptop computer that has the hardware within it that makes multitasking something that you do not even have to think twice about. It has not always been like this, you know how computers in the past could really begin to get bogged down doing more than one significant task at a time. Having a processor like the Core i3 in conjunction with 4GB of memory really makes using colorful laptops like these an enjoyable experience.