Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 Review

Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 Pink

The Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 laptop is designed around the 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor, and can utilize up to 4GB of PC2-6400 memory. This is one of the pink laptops which we have reviewed recently which are capable of using 4GB of RAM, yet will need Vista or Win 7 to use it all. The power and responsiveness of today’s colored laptops such as the Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 is due to this increased memory capacity, and other advanced technologies such as the 800MHZ FSB (Front Side Bus). And of course the dual core processors.

The pink Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 is just one of those color laptop computers that has a way of turning heads with its eye catching, brilliantly fashionable pink design. This stunning pink laptop has a wonderful gloss to it, without getting too far from still a conservative look. Yet there is a surprise feature on this laptop which steps into the realm of dazzle and attention, which is far from conservative. More on that in a moment.

The 14.1″ widescreen display on uses the XBRITE-ECO technology allowing the human eye to see razor sharp detail and true to life color from nearly any angle, not just in direct line of sight. We were definitely impressed with the clarity of the display while testing video files and DVD movies on the laptop. The native resolution is at a respectable 1280 x 800.

This fashionable pink laptop computer features special LED lights, and a twelve tone music analyzer which transforms your music (and laptop) into a colorful light show. This appears just below the laptops trim and is an interesting feature, and quite the conversation piece for anyone seeing it in action for the first time. See what we mean about dazzle and attention? Actually the entertainment value comes from not only the stunning pink color of this laptop, but the light show reacting to the music as it plays as well.

Like many of the colored laptop review results we have done, the Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 review proved that when it comes to mobile computing you do not have to give up anything in order to have the power of a full blown PC.

The laptop came originally with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit installed on a decent sized 250GB SATA hard drive. Also, with an extreme boost in wireless range and speed, you will have the ability to get connected using the latest 802.11n integrated wireless LAN technology.

Additional Features noted during our Sony VAIO VGN-CS190 color laptop review include:

  • Built-in 1.3 megapixel MOTION EYE camera and microphone
  • Action Buttons including: Play/ Pause/ Stop, AV Mode, Mute, Volume-/+, Capture, WLAN
  • Electro-Static touch pad
  • Intel High Definition Audio
  • Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset
  • Three USB 2.0 ports