This Colorful Yellow Laptop is built for Gaming

While the Samsung Series 7 Gamer is unquestionably loaded with powerful gaming features the reality is that it can also serve as a regular everyday laptop too. This is accomplished by simply dialing in your preferred setting. For instance you can select a battery saving mode or quite mode which turns off many of the bells and whistles found on the laptop. So it is easy to see how you can use the laptop for a variety of scenarios.

Even the keyboard is designed to be more ergonomically friendly to the touch, and for fast and heavy usage this is something which is greatly appreciated by gamers. This type of detail shows how this laptop is really meant for competitive gaming situations. Using any other laptop can leave you wishing that it had more features and it appears that Samsung has really done their homework on what kind of features would make thing so much easier. This really means that there is a lot more time to focus on the games and not on wishing the laptop had some other features.

The keys are highlighted when playing in the gaming mode which also helps the player stay completely focused on what they are doing.

It is really nice to have an extra large track-pad on the laptop as well, and the way that this is designed with the buttons organized in such a logical way is great for gaming. However just like with some of the other features, this can also be switched off either for normal use or for gaming.

The Series 7 has the Intel Core i7 and while this could get rather hot during gaming the laptop is able to keep it cool during intensive use by using a turbo-cooling system which in our opinion will not only keep things cool, it should logically help expand the lifespan of the processor over time as well. With a massive 8 gigabytes of memory this yellow colored laptop is quite compatible with Windows 8 64-bit edition. This is very different from previous versions of Windows though expect a little bit of a learning curve but it is not too bad and a lot of the changes are logical as to getting around in the OS and doing what Win8 is actually capable of.

The different colorful design of this yellow laptop computer from the outside looks great with a rather futuristic look about it. The color is a deep yellow and the other trim is black which makes a nice combination of colors. The model is NP700G7C-T01US and there are variations in other different colors too. The display also looks amazing and is full High-Def 1080p which definitely enhances every detail in the viewing experience. The screen viewing size is just over 17 inches (17.3″) which is extraordinarily bright LED great for gaming.